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In addition to supporting Roosevelt's values, RA's wholeheartedly foster the growth of a healthy and safe community through positive interactions, respectful exchange of ideas, celebrating diversity.

Resident Advisors of 2018-2019

20th Floor

Diana Payne – Psychology

Read Diana's Letter

21st Floor

Shan Wofford – Psychology

Read Shan's Letter

22nd Floor

Myrna Tohmay – Biology

Read Myrna's Letter

23rd Floor

Andrew Roth – Pyschology

Read Andrew's Letter

24th Floor

Anna Espinoza – Early Childhood Education

Read Anna's Letter

25th Floor

Caden Pociask – Criminal Justice

Read Caden's Letter

26th Floor

Elizabeth Kricke – Sociology

Read Elizabeth's Letter

27th Floor

Charlie Sell – Psychology

Read Charlie's Letter

28th Floor

Kyle Body – Acting

Read Kyle's Letter

29th Floor

Amna Tariq – Political Science

Read Amna's Letter

30th Floor

Tiffany Melvin – Voice

Read Tiffany's Letter

31st Floor

Cameron Jones – Criminal Justic

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