Students are encouraged to seek opportunities outside the university, in order to develop and exercise their research and creative inquiry skills. There are a number of good reasons to seek opportunities off-campus, in addition to seeking on-campus opportunities. Primarily, other campuses and awards may allow students to experience different institutional settings as well as other regional and national settings. Taking part in off-campus opportunities can help students learn to adapt to settings that are new, and possible, outside of their comfort zones, including the skills needed to build new professional and collaborative relationships. Experiencing research and creative work in other settings may also allow students to experience new approaches to conducting work. Finally, conducting work off-campus may allow students to gain specialized training that complements their Roosevelt education.

Fellowships and Awards typically allow students to take part in a specialized training, independent research, or creative inquiry activity. Fellowships and awards typically offer students a stipend to conduct the work and may also provide travel, presentation, and publication opportunities. Typically, students receive mentorship while taking part in these opportunities.

Fellowships and Off-Campus research assistantships come in many forms. Students may be hired by an individual or group of professors from another university to conduct work on a project. However, many universities offer summer or semester-long research opportunities that may include participation in an ongoing project or mentoring students in completing their own projects. Most of these opportunities are paid and some will offer credit. Opportunities are often advertised 7-10 months ahead of the deadline (for Summer Opportunities, programs may be advertised in September or October) and application deadlines typically fall at the beginning of the prior term, approximately 4-6 months in advance (Summer Opportunity deadlines are often in January or early February). For more information, explore the guidelines and posted opportunities in the drop-down menus, below.

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