Roosevelt University Federalwide Assurance (FWA) Number: FWA00019042

The Human Research Protection Program at Roosevelt University encompasses all areas of compliance, relevant policies and standard operating procedures that directly affect human research activities. The areas of the Human Research Protection Program include the Institutional Review Board (IRB), conflict of interest in research, and Responsible Conduct of Research. The Human Research Protection Administrator will coordinate trainings, provide policy guidance, and incorporate standard operating procedures for all activities related to human research protection protocols. Please contact Deidra Somerville at ( as you begin your IRB submission process. The Office of Research and Faculty Success within the Office of the Provost oversees the activities of the Human Research Protection Administrator.

IRB Committee Membership – 2017-2018

Member Name Phone Number Email Address
Byoung Kim 312-853-4775
Cara Brock
IRB Chair
Erin Mackinney 312-853-4768
Jill Coleman 312-341-2069
La Vonne Downey 312-322-7112
Judy Dygdon 312-341-3751
Richard Rowe
community member
Sarah Kinnison
community member
Susan Weiner 312-341-3683
Zoe Bell
student member

Download Version of IRB Application Packet  (Word, 204K -- to open as a WORD file and fill out on your PC)