The Course & Term Deadlines tool allows you to determine a variety of important dates related to classes, including refund schedules, withdrawal deadlines and grades due dates. For additional dates and deadlines, please visit the Important Dates page. To find more information about a particular class, please use the Course Finder.

By Session:

To search by course:

  • Expand or collapse a term to display or hide all courses in that term, by clicking on the term name.
  • By default, courses are sorted by subject code, then by course number. You can filter by any field, including subject, course number, or instructor, by clicking the "Filter" button, then "Add filter."
  • Scroll right to see all dates associated with a given course. You can click on "View larger version" at the bottom of the panel below to open a new window that may be easier to view.
  • You can also click on the first column of a given course, and then click on "Expand record" to see all of the dates for that particular course listed in a vertical format instead.

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