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Admitted Pharmacy Students

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Congratulations on your admission and acceptance to the Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy! Welcome! This checklist contains the remaining items you need to complete and mail to us prior to your arrival.
  • Understand the cost of attendance and payment process

    1. Review Tuition and Fees
    2. Learn more about Payment Options
    3. Review and understand important financial information
  • Complete and review your financial aid package

    1. Apply for Financial Aid at Roosevelt University
    2. Review and Accept your Financial Aid Package in RU Access
  • Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening Test

    The criminal background check and drug screening test must be completed through PharmCAS and Certify. Results will be sent to the Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy, and all information contained in the two reports will be handled confidentially.

  • Transcripts

    Final transcripts for pharmacy prerequisite courses or completion of a degree must be submitted to the College of Pharmacy by May 31, 2016. Transcripts must validate satisfactory completion of all prerequisite pharmacy courses taken since the submission of the application for admission, and the minimum cumulative grade point averages required by the College. Send transcripts to the contact address at the bottom of this page.

  • Licensing:

    All students must possess and maintain an active Illinois Pharmacy Technician License. The forms and application information can be found at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation website,, or call the department at 312-814-4500. The license must be obtained and submitted to the Office of Enrollment and Student Services by May 31, 2016. It will be renewed annually, by March 31st.

  • Health Insurance:

    All students must provide proof of continued health insurance coverage (a copy of a current Insurance Card with YOUR name on it, or a letter from the Insurer can be used to show proof of health insurance coverage, by May 31, 2017. Students who do not have medical coverage can arrange it through the Roosevelt University’s student insurance program.

  • Immunization History:

    An Immunization History form is required to complete your conditional admission. Download the Immunization History Form and take it to a primary care physician for completion, and then return it to the College of Pharmacy by the date specified in acceptance documents. Don't forget to keep a copy for your records.  View the Immunization Requirements Checklist for a list of required immunizations. Completed immunization records must be on file before the student will be allowed to attend classes.

  • Acquire Housing:

    Roosevelt University does not have on-campus housing at its Schaumburg Campus. There are no apartment complexes within walking distance of the campus, so an automobile or apartment close to the PACE bus service, or other forms or transportation will be necessary. Parking on the campus is free. Additional assistance can be offered by the Office of Enrollment and Student Services at 847-330-4500.

  • Class Registration:

    There is no need to register for courses, as the College of Pharmacy will take care of that.

  • New Student Orientation

    Each year, a mandatory orientation occurs for all new pharmacy students. Check the university calendar for specific orientation dates. During orientation, you will be introduced to your group members and other classmates, learn more about the academic and professional expectations of the College of Pharmacy, receive your laptop computer, meet the College of Pharmacy faculty and staff, receive your summer term class schedule, and complete any last-minute enrollment details.

Contact Information

Send all correspondence such as transcripts, immunization history, proof of continued health coverage, etc. to the following mailing address:

College of Pharmacy
Office of Enrollment and Student Services
1400 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
Schaumburg, IL 60173