To better serve today’s busy and frequently stressed teachers and student population, Roosevelt University is offering a Summer Certificate Program in Social Emotional Learning and School Climate.

Roosevelt is now accepting applications for enrollment in Summer 2022 SELSC Certificate Program courses. This certificate program is intended for prospective and licensed educators who wish to earn a certificate in social emotional learning, classroom management, and trauma-informed instruction. The certificate program consists of three courses, each 3 credit hours, that focus on social emotional learning, trauma informed practices and creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable school climate. The courses are listed below and students are invited to register for all three to obtain the certificate, or individually to fit your needs for professional development.

Roosevelt will provide a special, non-degree tuition rate of $403 per credit hour on these innovative courses. Select this link to view the non-degree tuition rate for graduate students in the College of Education.

To apply for admission,  please complete our students-at-large application form for graduate students.

For more information, please contact Dr. Kristina Peterson, at 312-853-4779 or

Summer 2022 | May 31 - July 2 | EDUC 308-408 Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Students will learn strategies for self-care and practice self-regulation techniques with a dual lens: while learning for themselves, they will plan implementation of these strategies in their own classrooms. Assignments will include the work of leaders in the fields of social-emotional learning and mindfulness.

  • The instructor for the online course is Gina Harris.

Summer 2022 | July 11 - August 13 | 322/422-98 Trauma Informed Practice in the Classroom.

The increased understanding of the pervasiveness of trauma and its connection to physical, behavioral, and emotional well-being has led to a greater need for teachers and education systems to explore ways to make school communities more responsive to children and families who have experienced trauma. This course offers an introduction to trauma and trauma informed practices and will give students a framework from which to develop trauma informed classrooms and schools.

  • The instructor for the online course is Kristina Peterson.

Summer 2022 | July 25 - July 30 | EDUC 328/428-01 Navigating Peace in the Classroom (Week Long Intensive/Face to Face/ Chicago Campus).

This seminar course introduces students to a broad range of peaceful classroom programs including social and emotional learning, anti-bullying, peer mediation, negotiation processes, expressive arts, conflict resolution education, restorative justice, and bias awareness. It provides students with examples of activities and programs, gives them an opportunity to interact with experts in the field, and encourages them to consider how they can support these programs as professionals in education.

  • The instructor for the face to face course is Gina Harris.

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Questions about this page?

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