College of Education: Impact

As we prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the College of Education in 2022, it is clear that we are moving in a very positive direction. Our success is evidenced by our accomplishments – made possible by our faculty’s leadership, our students’ drive, our staff’s dedication and our collaborative partnerships in Chicagoland and Illinois.

Department of Counselor Education

Our CACREP accredited programs in Counselor Education enrolled 108 students in Fall 2021. Learn more about the impact that our programs are making on the counseling profession and the larger Chicago community.

Department of Educator Preparation

Our Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) approved educator preparation programs enrolled 451 students in Fall 2021. Learn more about the quality and impact of our programs by exploring the Illinois Educator Preparation Profiles​​​​​​ that are now publically available on the ISBE website.

In the pilot Profile, 31% of Roosevelt’s educator programs received the top designation of “exemplary.” Statewide, only 14% of programs received this designation. 31% of our programs received the second highest possible designation of “commendable.” Statewide, only 23% of programs received this designation. No designations were reported for 38% of our programs due to low enrollment or new approval. Statewide, 59% of programs did not receive a designation.

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Questions about this page?

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