Wabash Building and Auditorium Tower

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

In solidarity with  President Ali  and the CCPA Center for Arts Leadership,  the CCPA Faculty, Staff, and Administration stand with our Black students and the Black Lives Matter movement. The violence and injustice perpetrated against Black Americans by a society steeped in institutionalized racism must stop. Those of us who are not Black do not really know what it is to live in such a world. But we do know that we must resolve to end it, and follow up our conviction with action, to reject hate and to rise and stand for the solidarity of the human race, one nation with justice for all.

While the pandemic has slowed us down, it has also magnified the importance of following through, by making very clear to all of us the inequities that many of our students face on a daily basis. Therefore, as we plan for the reopening of our school in the fall, we pledge to do what is necessary to ensure that our Black students and all students of color are welcomed, are seen, are included, are heard, are allowed and encouraged to use their voices, and are accorded their rightful, and equal, place in our community and our curricula.

Linda Berna
Associate Dean and Director, The Music Conservatory

Ray Frewen
Associate Dean and Director, The Theatre Conservatory

Rudy Marcozzi
Dean, Chicago College of Performing Arts

Allegra Montanari
Director, The Center for Arts Leadership

Fred Peterbark
Assistant Dean, CCPA Enrollment and Student Services

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