Wabash Building and Auditorium Tower

The following recent graduates of MBIRE have begun new jobs in real estate:

Ashley Pollock – Assistant Project Manager at LivCor, LLC, a subsidiary of Blackstone

Darius Munchow – Analyst at Waterton Associates

Lisa Abdullah-Hicks – Assistant General Manager, JLL

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Wabash Building and Auditorium Tower

We at Heller College of Business are excited to be able to talk about our Experiential Learning Program, offering students the opportunity to work full time or part time in a local organization while continuing their studies at HCB.  Internships are designed to immerse the student in an organization that encourages them to apply the concepts and skills that they’ve learned in classrooms in a practical setting. The key part of the internship process is the student’s reflection and reporting on what they learned at the workplace. The overall objective is to create a mutually beneficial situation for the intern and the internship sponsoring organization. We provide internships for students of Marketing, Finance, Management, HR, MIS, Real Estate, and Hospitality Management.  Students earn course credit and also receive possible financial compensation for involvement in an internship experience.

Ryan Petty

Dr. Ryan Petty has been appointed as the Associate Dean for the Heller College of Business effective February 1, 2019.  

Justin Shea, Visiting Lecturer in Finance, HCB

Ryan Petty Promoted to Associate Dean