The Finance Honors Track is a new track within the Roosevelt Honors Program. This two-year program provides undergraduate students interested in finance the resources, tools and guidance needed to successfully reach their career goals. It is a cohort-based two-year lock-step program. Each fall, a cohort of ten students will be accepted into the Finance Honors Track – starting in Fall 2018. The first three cohorts of the program, a total of 30 students (10 students x 3 = 30), will be funded through a gift of $1.04 million from the Clearing Corporation Charitable Foundation (CCCF) and will be known as CCCF Fellows. The program is pledge-bound to the donors to have, on the average, no less than 40% of each cohort representing women, first-generation college students, and students from underrepresented population groups during this funding period.

This track entails a total of 18 credit hours in finance. In addition to taking a select number of finance courses, which are already offered under the existing BSBA in finance, the honors track students are required to take an honors thesis course and write a thesis to fulfill the academic requirements of the program.  All the finance courses required in the program already exist under the current BSBA program except for one.  The only new course is on research methods.

Under the current funding, students accepted in the first three cohorts of the Finance Honors Track will receive a cash stipend (on top of their financial-aid package) of total $10,000, paid opportunities to attend professional development workshops and seminars, paid corporate visits - within and/or outside the U.S., and opportunities to get involved in research with faculty members and present work at relevant conferences over the two-year period. The students are expected to take a preset sequence of courses in finance, write a thesis under faculty guidance and obtain an internship within the two-year period of the program. Each student accepted in the program will be assigned two mentors – one academic mentor and one executive (industry professional) mentor - for the duration of the program. Students are expected to be active participants of the FMA Student Chapter at RU and are required to participate in experiential learning projects like Financial Literacy Programs, IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program, etc., over the two-year period.

The Finance Honors Track is now accepting applications for the 2020-22 cohort.

Program Contacts

Justin Shea, Executive Director, Finance Honors Track Program
312-281-3257 |

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