McHenry Students

On April 25th, 80 first-year AP Human Geography students from McHenry East and West High Schools boarded buses early in the morning to make their way to Roosevelt University’s Chicago Campus for an annual visit. For the past five years, this visit has allowed students from the northwest suburb to learn more about the opportunities and benefits that a college education can provide, as well as giving students the chance to visit an urban university campus. The annual visit is the result of a contact between Roosevelt alumna Sandee Dwire (BA history, with honors, ’04 and MA history, ’11), who teaches social studies at the McHenry High Schools, and Roosevelt history Professor Chris Chulos, who had Sandee in several of his classes.

College of Arts and Sciences Professor and Associate Dean Chris Chulos, student support specialist Eileen Hickey, and CAS student worker Zoey Bezilla welcomed the students before they headed out for campus tours. Along the tour, students Zoey Bezilla, Cody McHale, Sarah Alhayek, Maddy Broniarczyk, Karen Wangensten-Oye, and Mia Johnson told students about life in the residence hall, about services provided by our learning commons and library, and about the rich student life at Roosevelt. Students also toured classrooms, including one of our state-of-the-art micro-biology laboratories. The McHenry students also learned what college classes are like from Professors Stephanie Famer, Cornelius Watson, and Jill Coleman. While some students were on tours and in the classroom, other groups met with student support specialist Eileen Hickey to learn more about the financial benefits of attending college in a salary education workshop.

During lunch, students sat with Roosevelt students, faculty, and staff to chat about what college is like. The students heard about life in college, scheduling courses to best suit their needs, and dining plans. After lunch, Roosevelt admission counselor Max Siegrist gave students a closer look at what Roosevelt University has to offer in our academic programs, scholarships, athletics, and more. Following the admission presentation, the McHenry students had the opportunity to engage in an interactive panel with current Roosevelt students. Students were able to answer questions related to student life through Kahoot, while Roosevelt students Ellie Kurt, Evi Arthur, Sienna Cao, Maddy Broniarczyk, Aero Cavlier, and Eli Major commented on their answers.

At the end of the day, McHenry students headed to the Michigan Avenue lobby for a photo on the stairs, and then made their way to the Goodman Center. Students spent their final moments on the Chicago campus touring the athletics facilities and taking a final photo in the gym (pictured above).

To learn more about Roosevelt University, explore the admission process.

Story written by Mia Johnson, first-year PsyD student.

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