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After much hard work, the college is pleased to announce the launch of the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Student Blog. Many hands have had an impact in making this possible, and we could not be more excited to share it with the Roosevelt community. The blog is written by College of Arts and Sciences students, many of whom are members of the college’s student leadership group - the College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Council (CASSAC).

CASSAC was formed in 2015 when Dean Bonnie Gunzenhauser decided she wanted to engage with the college’s students to hear first-hand what they have to say about their Roosevelt experience. She turned to the college’s student support specialist, Eileen Hickey, to form the inaugural advisory council, and the two have advised CASSAC (a recognized Center for Student Involvement student organization) ever since.

Over the past four years, CASSAC has continued to grow, evolving into a leadership group with a commitment to service and bettering the University as a whole. CASSAC has hosted and participated in many campus events ranging from informative academic events to haunted tours of the Auditorium Building. Most recently, CASSAC offered a “Grad School: A to Z” event which informed students about graduate school options and was attended by students from across the University. CASSAC students meet with prospective students at admission events and share the current student perspective with Roosevelt alumni at their events. In these ways, CASSAC students are given the opportunity to have a direct impact on not only their own education experience, but also on the experience of Roosevelt students for years to come.

The undergraduate student blog is not just for CASSAC members to stay updated. CASSAC wants to extend their reach and share their experiences and efforts with the wider student community. The blog is a place where people can come for advice about student life, school, work, and Chicago in general. It will also contain more information about CASSAC events and an application for students who are interested in joining the group. We look forward to sharing the work of our student writers, growing our group, and expanding our influence. For more information about CASSAC, contact

Story written by Zoey Bezilla, junior Biology major and CASSAC member

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Wilfredo Urbina-Romero

Roosevelt mathematics Prof. Wilfredo Urbina-Romero recently published a new mathematical research book, Gaussian Harmonic Analysis, published by Springer Monographs in Mathematics (2019). Harmonic Analysis uses ideas from calculus and beyond to study mathematical functions that are written in terms of waves. Knowledge of how waves interact, allows mathematicians to work more easily with functions than their original form would allow.

Four math faculty members each holding a social justice textbook in front of them

(Math faculty authors, left to right: Melanie Pivarski, Steve Cohen, Wanwan Huang, Wilfredo Urbina-Romero)