Divya Jain
That my efforts are being recognized is heartening and motivates me to continue being a champion for psychology on the state and national platform. Divya Jain PsyD Candidate

The American Psychological Association (APA) announced the formation of a presidential workgroup to develop an expanded APA advocacy model. Roosevelt University Clinical Psychology PsyD candidate Divya Jain is one of “fourteen leaders reflecting a range of perspectives across the discipline of psychology - including clinicians, scientists, educators, advocates, and researchers - who will provide input into the design of a governance structure to expand the American Psychological Association’s advocacy efforts,” according to the APA’s April 24 press release.

In addition to this appointment, Divya was recently recognized for her leadership as chair of the Illinois Psychological Association of Graduate Students (IPAGS) during 2017-18. Jain and her executive board won the 2018 American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) Award for Outstanding State, Provincial, and Territorial Association of the Year. The team was recognized at the annual Practice Leadership Conference in Washington, DC this past spring. Their work will be featured in upcoming APAGS publications and a grant will help them to continue their programming efforts in Illinois. IPAGS facilitates the professional development of graduate students in psychology by organizing events that allow students to connect with practicing clinicians and to become involved in policy initiatives.

“We are very proud of Divya's strong record of service and advocacy. Her work to support and empower students and people from traditionally marginalized and underrepresented groups in psychology truly exemplifies the Roosevelt social justice mission,” says Prof. Susan Torres-Harding, director of the doctoral program in clinical psychology. “Divya’s new role on the APA advocacy committee will be an exciting opportunity for her to continue to help shape the agenda of social justice and advocacy within the largest organization of professional psychologists in the United States.”  

Divya completed her advanced therapy practicum at the Hines VA Hospital in Hines, Illinois and she started an internship at the St. Louis VA Hospital in St Louis, Missouri this summer. She successfully defended her dissertation project in May, which was a program evaluation of the psychological impact of vocational rehabilitation on female survivors of intimate partner violence.

"I have diligently pursued opportunities to develop a strong identity as a leader and professional advocate during my years as a PsyD student and candidate at Roosevelt University,” says Divya. “That my efforts are being recognized is heartening and motivates me to continue being a champion for psychology on the state and national platform."

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