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Integrated Marketing Students Raise Awareness and Funds for Class Project

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Group of students from the IMC fundraising
Photo of Prof. Lee Earle's graduate IMC Capstone Class students.

Students in Roosevelt’s Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) capstone courses raised awareness and funds for UNICEF Refugee relief efforts. Working in small teams, the students researched, strategized and created fully integrated marketing campaigns, including press releases, ads, posters, photos, videos and events.

Professor Lee Earle prepares a similar assignment for both his undergraduate IMC and graduate IMC capstone classes each semester. In the past, while graduate students worked on national campaigns (including Applebees and the U.S. Navy), undergraduate students prepared campaigns and fund-raised for the United Nations immunization and refugee education programs and for Feeding America. This is the first year that all of Earle’s students worked together on the UNICEF campaign. Instrumental to Prof. Earle’s decision to work with various United Nations charities over the years is collaboration with his colleague, Professor LaVonne Downey, professor of public administration and member of the United Nations Association in Chicago.

To-date, the students have raised over $7,300 for UNICEF Refugee relief, surpassing their $5,000 goal. Over the past several years, Roosevelt IMC students have raised more than $15,000 towards worthy causes, uniting practical course work with Roosevelt’s social justice mission.

“We take experiential learning to a whole new level in the IMC Program,” says Professor Lee Earle. “The capstone course allows students to measure and analyze the effectiveness of their campaign across multiple platforms. Each student creates a final plan book of the campaign she or he created and executed, which can then be shown to potential employers.”

IMC major, Ben Lanzerotti, appreciates the real world experience embedded within the IMC curriculum. “The capstone project not only required students to use every aspect of our IMC course work, but it also gave us a chance to work with a world-renowned organization - UNICEF.” Ben has completed several marketing internships as part of his studies and says, “From internships to a brand new magazine project, I've been able to use the lessons I learned in the IMC program and apply them to my professional growth, time and time again.”

To support the students’ advocacy, visit UNICEF Refugee. To see some of the students’ work, visit the department’s Twitter feed. For more information about the IMC Program, contact Professor Marian Azzaro, chair of the Department of Communication.

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