The Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy was established in 2005 and is housed at Roosevelt University’s Institute for Metropolitan Affairs (IMA) in Chicago, Illinois. The Consortium engages in projects that intersect with drugs, health and the criminal justice system. The Consortium aims to inform Illinois public policy by disseminating information that informs policymaking and educates the general public.


The Consortium’s primary objectives are to promote discussion of alternatives to Illinois’ current drug policies and to serve as a forum for the open, honest, and thoughtful exchange of ideas. The Consortium views individuals and communities that have been directly impacted by drug policies as integral components for change.


The Consortium envisions a time when Illinoisans discuss and view substance use disorders in a new way—as a public health problem, rather than a criminal justice issue.

For more information about the Emergency Medical Services Access Law (AKA Good Samaritan Law) and Narcan/naloxone OD reversal kits, please visit:

For more information, please contact our director, Kathie Kane-Willis 312-341-4336