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Miscarriages of Justice and Wrongful Convictions

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As the Illinois legislature was poised to consider a repeal of the death penalty, spurred on in large part by the tireless work of the Chicago- area projects, such as Northwestern's Medill Innocence Project, its Center on Wrongful Convictions, and Loyola's Life After Innoncence Project, we took up investigating the points in the criminal justice system where the process fails and innocent people are sent to jail or put to death. The US and UK have been the pioneers for innocence projects. Results are measured one life at a time, but this may be the most important metric of all.

Local Sites
  • Northwestern University's Medill Innocence Project
  • Area 2 Headquarters
Community Partners
Speaker Series


3rd Annual Distinguished Speaker Series on Wrongful Convictions
  • Enacting Change, 11/13/2013
  • A View from the Prosecution, 11/6/2013
  • David Harris, 10/26/2013 — Watch on YouTube
  • From Eyewitness Misidentification to Restorative Justice: One Survivor’s Healing Journey, 10/23/2013 — Watch on YouTube
  • The X Factor: Causes of Wrongful Convictions of Women, 9/25/2013 — Watch on YouTube
2nd Annual Distinguished Speaker Series on Wrongful Convictions
  • Gage Gallery Show: Richard Ross' Juvenile (in) Justice, Fall 2012
  • Foreign Intelligence: Comparative Perspectives on Miscarriages of Justice, 12/5/2012 — Watch Student Projects on YouTube
  • False Confessions: Causes, Consequences, Solutions, 11/14/2012
  • Why Should Juries Be Told About Human Perception and Memory?, 11/1/2012 — Watch on YouTube
  • Convenient Scapegoats: The Englewood Four and Juvenile Confessions, 10/24/2012
  • Recent Developments in Reversing Wrongful Convictions in Chicago, 10/3/2012 — Watch on YouTube
  • My Kind of Town: Torture, Wrongful Conviction, and Public Indifference, 9/19/2012

Distinguished Speakers

  • Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, memory expert, UC Irvine
  • Rob Warden, pioneering investigative reporter, Northwestern Law School's Center on Wrongful Convictions
  • Dr. Jay Koehler, forensic expert, Northwestern Law School
  • Dr. Steve Drizin, forensic expert, Northwestern Law School
  • Randy Steidl, wrongly convicted individual and social justice reform advocate
  • Delbert Tibbs, wrongly convicted individual and social justice reform advocate
  • John Conroy, groundbreaking investigative reporter and author
  • Joey Mogul, People's Law Office partner
  • Darrell Cannon, Chicago police torture survivor
  • Dr. Josh Tepfer, Northwestern Law School's Center on the Wrongful Conviction of Youth
  • Dr. Geoff Loftus, memory expert, University of Washington
  • Dr. Richard Leo, forensic psychologist, University of San Francisco
  • Dr.Karen Daniels, Director, Northwestern Law School's Center on Wrongful Convictions
  • Nicole Harris, exoneree
  • Dr. David Harris, University of Pittsburgh
  • Penny Beerntsen, eyewitness misidentification expert
  • Robert Milan, former prosecutor
Research Trip


  • Guildhall
  • Central Magistrate's Court
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Brixton
  • Daniel Machover and Nogah Ofer, Human Rights Attorneys (Hickman and Rose, Bhatt Murphy)
  • Liberty, civil liberties legal defense and advocacy organization
  • Andrew Sanders, Professor and Head, Faculty of Law, University of Birmingham
  • Michael Naughton, Professor of Law, University of Bristol, and Director, Innocence Network UK
  • Kim Dewdney, Certified Blue Badge Guide