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Police Misconduct

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In the context of the ongoing investigation of police torture over the course of decades in Chicago, we investigated the way that even the most entrenched societal divisions, such as those in Northern Ireland,  can be healed to create real and effective justice  The timing was also fortuitous given events in the UK, which in June 2009 passed a law (allowing detainees to be held longer without trial).

Local Sites
  • Area 2 Headquarters
  • Chicago Innocence Project
Community Partners
Speaker Series
  • Nancy Bothne, Former Amnesty International Regional Director
  • Sharon Sionov, Israeli human rights lawyer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Kitty Williams, career counselor, Career Passport, with panel of previously incarcerated women
  • John Conroy, reporter and author
  • Flint Taylor, People's Law Office
  • Joey Mogul, Peoples Law Office
  • Darrell Cannon, police torture survivor.
Research Trip


  • Jane Gordon, Drafter of Code of Ethics for Police Service of Nothern Ireland
  • Gary White, Chief Superintendent, Northern Ireland Police Force
  • Daniel Machover and Nogah Ofer, Human Rights Attorneys (Hickman and Rose, Bhatt Murphy)
  • Liberty
  • Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture
  • Kim Dewdney, Certified Blue Badge Guide
  • David Sellwood and Sophie Walker, Attorneys, REPRIEVE