In 2012, Founder and Executive Director, Allegra Montanari created Sharing Notes as a way to meaningfully connect music students with their Chicago community. Sharing Notes has been featured on WGN’s “Different Drummers”, ABC 7 Chicago, WYCC PBS Chicago, and in 2013 received the Friends of La Rabida Award for Community Partnership in honor of outstanding service to their patient population.

Keeping with their mission of community engagement, Sharing Notes trains their musician volunteers to make their performances fun, interactive, and always focused on serving their audience. The musicians talk to patients, take musical requests, and react sensitively to the different situations of patients and their families, providing distraction therapy that breaks the monotony and frustrations of illness and hospital life. By utilizing volunteer music conservatory students and young professional musicians for the programs, Sharing Notes exposes their hospital audiences to a wide variety of musical styles and instruments, keeping their programs interesting for patients who are in the hospital long-term.

“What we as performers do matters and is appreciated. It brings light and positive energy and it transports those in discomfort in a state away from it and that in itself is truly remarkable. Monika Miodragovic Pianist