The Center for Arts Leadership (CAL) facilitates and provides social justice opportunities to students through grant funding and minority student success groups while focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion as well as health and wellness.

Diversity, EQUITY, and INCLUSION  (DEI) Branch

Dedicated to diversity, and inclusion, this branch amplifies minority student voices in the CCPA, as well as provides performance opportunities and professional connections within the performing arts community.

Community Engagement Branch

Dedicated to connecting artists with their local communities, this branch helps CCPA’s performing artists understand how their artistry fosters personal socio-artistic growth grounded in an acute and practical awareness of social justice. Meaningful collaborations are built through public speaking, audience engagement, and performance.

Health and Wellness Branch

Dedicated to providing resources, programming, and paths for mental, physical, and social health and wellness to CCPA students, and connects students to additional mental health resources offered by the University and Chicagoland area.

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