How it works

  • Potential employers submit a Performance Request form which is posted to the Gig Service page.
  • Students interested in any performance opportunities directly contact the potential employer to express interest and discuss rates.
  • Please note: Students should be 100% available and interested before responding. If you are interested in an ensemble opportunity, only respond if you are willing to take the lead to find all other performers who will be present at the event.
  • When an employer chooses to hire you, alert the Center for Arts Leadership at to have the post removed from the page.
  • If you become unavailable for the gig, it is your responsibility to communicate with the employer.
  • As you and your colleagues are receiving these performance requests at the same time, multiple interested musicians may be responding to the same employer. You are responsible for crafting a professional response to potential employers. The more professional your email, the better your chances are of booking the gig. If you are having trouble crafting a response, please contact the CAL office at
  • You keep 100% of the fee that you and your employer negotiate. Please have all payments made directly to you. Roosevelt University-CCPA is not responsible for your employer’s compliance with any tax or labor regulations.