Instructions For Requesting a Handshake Alumni Account

  1. Go to
  2. In the top upper right-hand side of the page, click on “No account? Sign up here".
    Screenshot image of RU's Handshake software application login screen with red circle in top right corner highlighting the words "No Account? Sign Up Here".
  3. Enter your preferred email address to log into the system. (Note: Contrary to the note on the screen, you do NOT need to list your Roosevelt email address if you no longer use it. You may use any email you prefer).
  4. For the “Select your school” section, search for Roosevelt University using the search function, and select.
  5. Create your password.
  6. Click that you agree to the terms of service at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click on “Create account”.
  8. Complete the form by entering the requested information, and then click “next”.
  9. Access your email account that you listed for your Handshake account registration. You should receive a confirmation email to which you will need to open and click the link to confirm your account request. We will not receive your request for an account until you confirm your email with Handshake.
  10. For subsequent logins, login at but opt to log in using your email address.
  11. Screenshot image of RU's Handshake software application login screen with red circle on bottom of image highlighting the words "You can also sign in with your email account."
  12. Once you have confirmed your email account, log on to set up your account settings. Choose your privacy setting: Community, Employers, or Private.

    Community: This option will give you access to Peer Messaging. Choosing Community will make you visible to other students and alumni across all Handshake schools, as well as to employers approved by your school. This will allow you to participate in all sessions at virtual fairs.

    Employers: This option will make you visible to employers approved by RU. You will not have access to Peer Messaging. This will allow you to participate in 1:1 sessions with employers at virtual fairs.

    Choosing this option means that you are not visible to other students, alumni, or employers. You still have access to Handshake jobs and to other resources provided by RU.

  13. Answer the profile questions to complete your profile set up.

  14. After the Office of Career Development reviews and approves your account request, you will then be able to search for and apply to jobs!

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