Village of Niles Partnership Agreement

Honoring our shared values of diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility, Roosevelt’s partnership with the Village of Niles extends significant financial and educational benefits to the Village of Niles employees.


  • All Village of Niles employees can receive a 15% reduction off regular tuition rates for any degree program at Roosevelt University.
  • In addition, all Village of Niles employees are eligible to receive a waiver of the application fee normally required by the University.

Please Note

  • The tuition reduction can be applied to any Roosevelt undergraduate or graduate degree or certificate program.
  • The tuition reduction cannot be used in combination with other Roosevelt grants, scholarships, waivers, or awards. However, students receiving the tuition reduction can still receive federal, state and private assistance in accordance with applicable policies and procedures.
  • Applicants for admission must meet all academic degree admission standards.
  • In order to receive the tuition reduction and admission fee waiver, the applicant must identify themselves at the time of application as a Village of Niles employee.
  • If a student is no longer an employee of the Village of Niles, the benefits described in this section shall end at the end of the academic term in which the student leaves their employment with the Village of Niles.
  • Existing Roosevelt students who are Village of Niles employees are not eligible for a refund of their application fee.

Next Steps

Complete the following steps to earn admission and obtain your tuition reduction. 

For more information, contact:
Office of Admission - Chicago Campus
425 S. Wabash Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60605
Phone: 312-853-4753

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