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Undergraduate Opportunities

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At Roosevelt University, our community beats with a bold pulse. It's radiating from professors who teach more than just theory. It's pumping from classes where real-life professional stories and opportunities support relevant and rounded academics. It's sounding from students who, like you, are purposeful, socially conscious and driven to be part of something bigger. 

Roosevelt's study abroad programs will show you the world. Our honors program will teach you to think in new ways. The mentoring program will ensure you the assistance you need to be successful and, in addition to internship opportunities, will prepare you for what awaits you professionally.

Study Abroad

If you want to experience the world, we suggest seeing it firsthand. We offer adventures on six continents in countries including Argentina, Australia, Belize, China, England, Fiji, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Tanzania.

Roosevelt students embark on life-changing trips that are educational and affordable. Our Study Abroad program can take you where you want to be. You will venture into new territory, broaden your perspective and discover ideas that will challenge and change you.

The road is waiting. Are you in?

Honors Program

Within this academic program offered to undergraduate students, immersive, interdisciplinary academic experiences and challenges are presented to students within a supportive environment. You will seek intellectual enrichment and desire learning that connects classrooms to communities — you will carry out independent projects, engage in challenging courses, and collaborate with faculty members to complete research.

Honors at Roosevelt is a diverse and distinguished community of students who share a love of learning, an interest in being involved in the metropolitan community, and a desire to make positive change in the world.

Mentoring Program and Internship Opportunities

At Roosevelt we prepare you to take the next step to build your future. We fuel our students' eagerness to develop as professionals and citizens. We provide a platform for you to go further than you can imagine.

Our mentoring program pairs current Roosevelt students with exemplary leaders in dynamic, challenging professions. Mentors help you set personal and career goals, coach you to develop essential skills, and connect you to their colleagues.

Internship opportunities elevate your career through a vast system of peers, professors, distinguished alumni and community partners. Several undergraduate majors offer internships for academic credit allowing you to enhance your professional skill set while working towards the completion of your degree.