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Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)

College of Arts and Sciences
The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is an adult degree completion program that gives students the opportunity to create an academic program tailored to their specific interests. Working with an adviser and with the approval of the assistant dean of the College of Professional Studies, students may choose up to four academic areas in which to complete 48 semester hours of coursework. Careful selection of academic areas will allow students to craft a program of study that fits their long-term career goals.
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Location: Chicago, Online, Schaumburg
Start Term: Fall, Fall B, Spring, Spring B, Summer
Program Type: Major, Eight-week
The interdisciplinary studies program will be designed in a conference between the student and the academic adviser and be approved by the College of Professional Studies assistant dean. Courses in an interdisciplinary program will be taken from at least two but no more than four academic areas.

What Differentiates Us

Complete Your Degree In Less Time

Complete Your Degree In Less Time

The adult degree completion program lets students earn their undergraduate degree at an accelerated pace while balancing work and family commitments. Courses in the program are conveniently offered on campus, online and in “hybrid” mode (combining face-to-face meetings and online interactions). Courses are eight weeks in length for general education and functional areas, and a traditional semester-length for courses outside the college, allowing adult students to reduce the time it takes to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Explore A Variety of Fields

Explore A Variety of Fields

The adult degree completion program in interdisciplinary studies is an ideal major for adult learners who want their bachelor’s degree to reflect their knowledge of and interest in several fields. With the help of their adviser, students can build a personal program connecting their experiences to their future careers.

Flex-Track Facts

Flex-Track Facts

Compressed courses offered in eight-week modules
Choose from five start dates, year-round
Learn from expert faculty
Take advantage of downtown Chicagoand real-world opportunities

Expectations & Requirements


Courses in an interdisciplinary program will be taken from at least two but no more than four academic areas. The major program consists of a minimum of 48 semester hours — at least 33 semester hours must be at the 200 level and above. Of these, at least 15 semester hours must be at the 300 level, of which nine semester hours must be at Roosevelt. Grades of C- or higher are required in all major courses.

Minor Requirements

The Functional Area is defined as a sequence of related courses in a discipline or an interdisciplinary area. For example, students may elects six courses in one discipline like Sociology (and earn a Minor, if requirements are met). Or students may choose six courses in an interdisciplinary area like the Humanities (combining courses in, say, Speech, Literature, and Gender Studies). Appropriate Functional Areas will be approved by an Academic Advisor in consulation with the Program Director).

Sample Courses

Interdisciplinary studies students take courses across the University and its more than 110 academic programs. If you’re interested in it, we’ve probably got it.

The core of the adult degree completion program is an interdisciplinary general education curriculum consisting of three introductory seminars, upper-level seminars in the three main divisions of general education (social sciences, natural sciences and humanities), and a capstone senior thesis sequence. These seminars are small discussion-based, writing-intensive classes that stress active participation, critical thinking, problem solving and academic research.

More Opportunities

Clubs & Activities

Each spring, the faculty induct eligible PLS students into Alpha Sigma Lambda, Rho Upsilon Chapter, which is an adult-focused honor society recognizing the top 20 percent of all PLS students.


"As I've gone through my career, I've found you really do need a multidisciplinary approach when you're serving in leadership positions. You need a toolbox of things. I realize the value of having this experience for my professional growth."
John Roberson - BA '15
Managing principal, Electronic Knowledge Interchange
“Our adult students are often looking for ways to connect their past education and experience with the professional goals they have for the future. We help students create that niche, based on what they bring to the table and what they’re creating at Roosevelt. It’s very personalized.”
Amanda Putnam
​Associate Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Professional and Liberal Studies, Roosevelt Universty