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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Major, Minor

Roosevelt's program in African and African American studies was one of the first such programs developed as part of a university curriculum in the United States. The program continues the work of the prominent scholar, St. Clair Drake, who co-authored Black Metropolis, which chronicled the "everyday lives of black people."

Expectations & Requirements


The degree in African and African American studies is interdisciplinary. Therefore, students have the opportunity to take courses in a range of disciplines (e.g., history, psychology, sociology, etc.). Students are also expected to connect to communities outside of the University through internships and field experiences. Finally, all students are expected to have an understanding of the black diaspora.

Those students who choose to become Drake Fellows have the opportunity to work closely with faculty affiliated with the St. Clair Drake Center for African and African American studies. In addition, these students will have the chance to work on programs and projects sponsored by the Drake Center.

Minor Requirements

Sample Courses

  • Black Males in America
  • Introduction to African History
  • Introduction to African American History

More Opportunities

Students majoring in African and African American studies have the opportunity to become involved in research being conducted by members of the affiliated faculty of the program.