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Career Readiness Preparation

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Roosevelt University is committed to helping students become successful professionals. The Graduation Plan for Success (GPS) is a prestigious group designed to give students a competitive edge for marketability and future success. With this career readiness program, you gain skills beyond those learned in the classroom.

Program Goals

Prepare: develop skills to prepare for the job search

  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Interviewing etiquette
  • Career strategy
  • Academic success

Excel: develop skills to excel in the workplace

  • Internships
  • Leadership
  • Networking presentations
  • Social media

Enrich: develop skills to enrich your life beyond the workplace

  • Financial literacy
  • Industry knowledge
  • Diversity and cross-cultural competence
  • Alumni connections


In order to have the GPS commendation noted on your Roosevelt University transcript, students must complete the annual program requirement of 8 career readiness points during each academic year and attend these activities:

  • Attend the GPS Career Readiness Kickoff Event in the fall semester.
  • Distinguished lecture event in your college, delivered by top professionals in their field.
  • A selection of other activities and workshops chosen by you and your career counselor that will help you build skills for success.

Please see the PDF-version of the recommended sequence for further detail.

For more information about the GPS Career Readiness Program, please contact the Office of Career Development at (312) 341-3558, or email