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On March 12, Roosevelt University extended spring break by one week and asked all “non-essential” faculty and staff to work from home. Here’s how Library and Technology Services scaled up their services to bring thousands of students, faculty and staff online in two weeks.

Remote Learning Courses

The Academic Technology Solutions team is made up of Roosevelt’s resident experts on instructional technology and online course development. While classes were postponed, the team partnered with faculty members to switch Roosevelt courses to remote learning formats.

The team continues to offer virtual office hours to train faculty on accessibility, remote learning tools and strategies to keep students engaged.

Library and Tech Support

Through Zoom, students, faculty and staff can remain connected in a time of isolation. The video-conferencing tool is used for everything from class sessions to webinars to team meetings. Technology Support has begun offering a 24/7 help desk to answer 300% more requests for support with Blackboard, email and other internet necessities.

The Roosevelt library also moved all of its operations online to give students continued access to important resources.

  • 358% more Zoom meetings and 672% more meeting participants compared to the same time frame last year
  • 59% more online chat sessions
  • 75% more online library database usage

Infrastructure and Web Development

Behind the scenes, Roosevelt’s infrastructure team made our customer service call centers virtual so that financial aid and IT help desk staff can connect with students from home.

To keep the community well informed, the web design and development team quickly built out and launched our coronavirus website. The team continues to add vital information to our mobile app and site.

As the semester progresses, the Roosevelt team remains committed to keeping students connected, supported and on track to graduation.

This information originally appeared in Ali Malekzadeh’s Presidential Address. View the full recording and transcript of the address here.

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