Alumni and Giving

To celebrate the start of a new semester, Roosevelt University compiled advice from 12 Lakers alumni. Learn how you can make the most of your experience at Roosevelt.

Don’t be afraid to ask “why”

“Be aware of confirmation bias. Don’t seek out professors or courses that will confirm your preconceived notions. Find the professors you disagree with. It will make you sharper thinker.” —Hans Zigmund (MA Economics, ’04). Read Hans’s story.

“Remain curious — ask “Why?” and “Why not?” Also, be open-minded and listen to your intuition. We must lean into what sparks enthusiasm in us.” —Julie Gentile (BA Journalism, ’07). Read Julie’s story.

“Represent! Be part of the solution. Our RU reminds us that social injustice is all around us. Don’t think outside of the box – CRUSH THE BOX!” —Sandra Harrison (MA Training and Development, ’10). Read Sandra’s story.

LEan on your community

“Roosevelt isn't like other universities. The coursework can be taught anywhere, the campus could be anywhere, but the faculty and students will challenge, uplift and help you find your voice.” —Nicole Wilson (BSBA ’15). Read Nicole’s story.

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t give up. And know that it is okay to ask for help.” —Carolyn Jones (BA ’00, MBA ’02). Read Carolyn’s story.

“Your network is your net worth. There are a lot of pharmacy career pathways. By networking, you will find opportunities that will put you on the right path.” —Rimple Patel, (PharmD ’18). Read Rimple’s story.

Look for hands-on opportunities

:Practice! I know it seems simple, but you will never have the time to practice like you do when you are in school.” —Augie Haas (BM Jazz Studies, ’06). Read Augie’s story.

“You do not need to major in something ‘practical.’ A liberal arts degree will give you the skills you need to succeed in any industry, the ability to analyze content and manage your time will take you far.” —Annie Warshaw (MA History, ’10). Read Annie’s story.

“Start applying your textbook knowledge to real-life situations as soon as you can. Maybe you can freelance or volunteer in your field. It's a resume builder and you'll gain practical skills needed in your future job.” —Pola Henderson (MS Integrated Marketing Communications, ’06). Read Pola’s story.

Take control of your own education

“Take the challenge! Invest in your future and stay the course because your dreams can become reality at Roosevelt University.” —Mary Ann Mahon-Huels (MPA ’90). Read Mary-Ann’s story.

“If you have questions that aren’t being answered, ask them. If you have needs that aren’t being met, find someone to help you and don’t stop until they are met. Use your voice to advocate for your education.” —Chris Olsen (BA ’13, MA ’16). Read Chris’s story.

“Be an active participant in your education and take advantage of the opportunities available to you. If you aren’t feeling challenged, seek out the chance to be challenged.” —Alex Fruin (Bachelor of Musical Arts, ’19). Read Alex’s story.

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