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Roosevelt University has embraced diversity, academic excellence and social justice from the very beginning. We celebrate and support individuals like you — who want to learn, teach and live in one of America’s most vibrant university communities. We’re each doing great things, and we’re doing them together.

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Ali Malekzadeh

Affirmative Action, Diversity and the American Dream

President Ali Malekzadeh stands firm in his responsibility to increase Roosevelt’s diversity on campus. Read more in his Chicago Tribune op-ed and how this need for diversity reflects the ideals of the American Dream.

11 to 1 student/faculty ratio
116 degree programs
45% of students of color
45% students are first generation
60+ student organizations
16 athletic teams
100% considered for merit-based scholarships
53% of classes have less than 20 students

Who Are We?

We're unique undergrad and grad students, educators, administrators, leaders and thinkers, all drawn to the many things that make Roosevelt University so different and so special. 

Who are we? That's a powerful question. By learning and exploring together, we'll find out.

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American Dream Reconsidered Conference

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What does it mean to be American? Join us to discuss the meaning and future of the American Dream in these challenging times, featuring engaging panels and special guest speakers.


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When you come to Chicago, you arrive at Roosevelt University. That’s because our campus is in the heart of downtown, centrally located amid world-class dining, museums, shopping, theatre, sports, live music, cultural attractions and much more. Get out there and explore.