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Whether you attended 5, 15 or 50 years ago, you are a valuable part of the Roosevelt Community which now includes more than 90,000 alumni! Stay connected with us and with your classmates by visiting this site often.
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A Tale Untold: Preserving a Family’s History The erasure from history of the lynching of her great-great-grandfather put Roosevelt University alumna Doria Dee Johnson (BA, ’07) on track to become an African American historian and international human rights activist. A decade after graduating with a bachelor’s in history, Johnson is now close to completing a

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When you attended Roosevelt University, there is a good chance you received help in the form of scholarship dollars either from an individual who established an endowed scholarship or directly from the University.

The 2016-17 year was full of achievements across the board for the Roosevelt Athletic Department as the Lakers continue their pursuit to be one of the most well-rounded venues for student-athlete success.

Scholarships Change Lives

Listen to how one student’s life was changed by a donor. Give to scholarships and have the same impact on another student today!

Year-End Charitable Giving Tax Provisions

Both the House and the Senate passed bills that make major changes to tax laws, and they are working to reconcile the bills with the objective of having the legislation signed by December 25.  If that occurs, that leaves only a few weeks in the year 2017 to take advantage of expiring tax provisions. Click here to learn more.

“You’re able to have that closeness to your professors, where you feel like you're all working together, not ‘Here’s my professor and here's us.' I think it's neat to feel like we're all working together to accomplish something.”

Mandy Modic - BFA 2011
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