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Sonali Kurup

Sonali Kurup
Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
College of Pharmacy
» Pharmaceutical Sciences
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About Me

  A pharmacist is the chemical expert of the healthcare team. My background in medicinal chemistry allows me to prepare students to meet this role and relate the chemical properties of drugs to therapeutic decision-making.  I enjoy being able to educate students in the classroom, mentor student research and advise students as they advance along their professional paths. 

I teach medicinal chemistry as part of the Integrated Sequence Course Series alongside pharmacology and pharmacotherapy. As an educator in the pharmaceutical sciences, I emphasize the core science and incorporate its relevance to pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical research. My teaching style incorporates three dimensional visualization, problem-based learning and  assignments that promote self-directed learning and integration of concepts. I have pursued some of these pedagogical approaches as projects in scholarship of teaching and learning.

My research primarily focuses on the development of dual inhibitors of aurora kinase A and epidermal growth factor receptor kinase as novel anticancer agents. This has led to successful publications and  extramural collaborations.  Several  students have been involved in research projects. Another area of interest is structure-based design of novel HIV inhibitors. 


Topics of Expertise
  • Anticancer researchDesign, synthesis and evaluation of multi-targeted kinase inhibitors as anticancer agents
  • Structure-based drug designDual inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase and reverse transcriptase
  • Scholarship of teaching and learningPedagogical innovations and assessment for active learning and problem-based learning
  • PostdocMedicinal Chemistry — University of Michigan
  • PhDMedicinal Chemistry — Duquesne University
  • BPharmPharmacy — Mumbai University