Eric Berkowitz

Eric Berkowitz
Eric Berkowitz
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Director of Cyber Security Program
College of Arts and Sciences
» Computer Science
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About Me

Professor Berkowitz is an Air Force veteran (IDF) and former government process auditor.

His educational background is in electrical engineering, accounting, economics, and computer science.

Current Positions:

  • Director of the Division of Data Science and Information Technology
  • Head of the Cyber Defense Program of Study
  • Director of the Cyber and Information Security Center

His pubshished works focus on issues related to communication and interoperation among cooperative autonomous systems, language aquisition for communication and machine human interaction in autonomous systems,, and autonomous learning in large scale information collections.   His current research focuses his cvilian and military defense experience on the need to secure these systems

Current supervised research theses include (samples) :

  • Social Impact of E-Payment Unification (Manthan Patel)
  • Determining Total Federal Expenditure on Cyber Security Including Public Protection of Private Assets (Ulan Rakymazhnov, Shitalkunvari Udavat, Lynndell Gardiner, Yuman Li and Nik Gaikas)
  • STASyst: Payment Unification A Cybersecurity Research and development Project Aimed at Eliminating Payment Information Compromise (Gideon Akinbolude)
  • A Research on employment status of college graduates (Chun Yang)
  • Homomorphic Encryption: Application in Internet of Things and Public Clouds (Kishore Surapathi)
  • M-Commerce and its Implications (Srikant Chandan)
  • VAR Optimization a Neural Network PCA Approach (Fenglin Huang)
  • Ransomware Attacks: Concepts Techniques and Challenges (Ruinan Wang)
  • A review of Amazon’s recent movements (Ge Wang)
  • An Avanlysis of the Page Rank Algorithm and Modifying it by Providing More Weightage for in Context Links and Improving Dangling Nodes Handling by Page Rank (Mukil Ram Ilango)
  • Cloud Providers' services for Small and Medium Businesses (Guldasta Kozhobekova)
  • Cost-effective retail business model processing (Wei Xuan)
  • Predicting Company Bankruptcy Probability ( Ziwei Zheng)
  • Air quality control in Beijing (YingYing, Yao)
  • Hierarchical classification of iBrarian categories (Manmeet Singh)

Links and Professional Memberships

Topics of Expertise
  • Cyber DefenseMilitary and Civilian
  • Information Assurance
  • Open Source Sotware
  • AIAutomated Learning in Large Scale Document Collections
  • Software DevelopmentSecure Software / Open Source Development