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Sarah Elliott

Sarah Elliott
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Arts & Sciences
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About Me

My lab is currently interested in how individual differences directly alter an individual’s every day experience of, and interactions with, the natural world. For instance, if color appearance relies on spatial cues (e.g., perceived 3-D structure or luminance contours; Elliott & Shevell, 2013), how is color appearance different for individuals with reduced spatial vision in one eye (e.g., amblyopia) or both eyes (e.g., due to aging)? In addition, studies are underway to investigate how individual differences in perception relate to individual behaviors in areas beyond vision, such as social cognition. A current line of research focuses on how visual processes mediating face perception are influenced by social attitudes about members of a perceived out-group.
Topics of Expertise
  • Vision Science
  • Color Perception
  • Age-related changes in visual perception
  • Face perception
  • Ph.D.Psychology, vision science — University of California, Davis
  • M.A.Psychology, vision science — University of Nevada, Reno
  • B.A.Psychology — University of Nevada, Reno