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Paul Ornstein

Paul Ornstein
Paul Ornstein
Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
» Pharmaceutical Sciences
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About Me

I am an accomplished medicinal chemist in the neuroscience area, having delivered 8 clinical candidates for neurological and psychiatric disorders. My work at Lilly has resulted in 57 issued US patents. I have published 118 papers and given 53 invited lectures on my scientific work. I have also had an active involvement in the international scientific community, as the Chair of the 1998 Heterocyclic Compounds GRC, and as the organizer of many scientific sessions at US and European meetings.

Topics of Expertise
  • Medicinal ChemistryThe science behind the applications of organic chemistry to the synthesis of novel therapeutics
  • Synthetic ChemistryStrategies and tactics for making organic compounds
  • Organic ChemistryThe branch of chemistry focusing on carbon
  • Drug DiscoveryStrategies and tactics for identiftying compounds that can be novel therapeutics
  • BSChemistry — University of California, Los Angeles
  • PhDOrganic Chemistry — University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • PostdocSynthetic Organic Chemistry — Caltech and Harvard University