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Hispanic Studies Minor

The Hispanic Studies Minor combines the study of the Spanish language and an interdisciplinary approach to the Hispanic world. It develops writing, reading, comprehension and speaking skills in Spanish and allows students to approach the culture, society and politics of the Hispanic World from a variety of disciplines. In addition to literature, relevant classes in History, Sociology, Political Science and Economics, among other disciplines, can count toward the Hispanic Studies Minor.


1) Students completing a minor in Hispanic Studies must take 6 courses (18 credit hours), including 301 and 312.

2) Three of the six classes must be taken at Roosevelt University. Two of the three classes must be at the 300 level.

3) Students must maintain a C- average or better.

4) What follows below (under “courses of Study”) is a list of the five different courses of study available to the student pursuing a minor. A student’s proficiency level in Spanish determines which course of study they follow.

• Option 1 is the course of study for a student who begins at the most basic level.
• Option 5 is the course of study for a student who begins at the most advanced level.

Courses of Study

1. SPAN 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 312 (6 courses; 3-year sequence minimum) 
    • (18 credit hours)
2. SPAN 102, 201, 202, 301, 312, 3XX (6 courses; 3-year sequence minimum) 
    • (18 credit hours)
3. SPAN 201, 202, 301, 312, 3XX, 3XX (6 courses; 2-year sequence minimum) 
    • (18 credit hours)
4. SPAN 202, 301, 312, 3XX, 3XX, 3XX (6 courses; 1 and 1/2-year sequence minimum) 
    • (18 credit hours)
5. SPAN 301, 312, 3XX, 3XX, 3XX, 3XX (6 courses; 1-year sequence minimum) 
    • (18 credit hours)

301: Conversation and Composition (in Spanish) 
    • Offered every Fall

312: Readings in Hispanic Culture (in Spanish) 
    • Offered every Spring; This course develops students’ ability to read in Spanish, while continuing to refine their writing, comprehension and speaking abilities. Short and classic texts by historic and contemporary Hispanic authors will be read.

• 3XX and 3XX are cross-listed courses which are thematically related to the Hispanic world taught in English in the Departments of English, History, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, etc.

• In the Hispanic Studies Minor, you must take 301 and 312 (Readings in Hispanic Culture)

• Cross-listed 3XX courses can be taken either before or at the same time as 301 and 312.

3XX: Cross-listed courses taught in English count toward the minor

XXX: Spanish Language Study at Kukulcan Language School in Cuernavaca, Mexico


For more information, contact Associate Professor of Spanish Priscilla Archibald at or 312-341-6453.