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Wellbeing Advisory Council

In May 2011, the volunteer-based Wellbeing Advisory Council and committee of Wellbeing Champions was formed to lead campus healthy initiatives.


The Wellbeing Advisory Council serves to develop and implement short and long term initiatives and programs that foster the wellbeing of individuals in the Roosevelt University community (employees, students, alumni, board members and visitors).

Advisory Council Officers

Clara Gong, Chair

The Chair is the principal officer of the Advisory Council. The Chair is responsible for managing the direction and execution of the initiatives of the Council and is responsible for ensuring that all objectives are carried out appropriately. The Chair will be in attendance at all meetings and will serve as the liaison between the Council, Executive Leadership and other Departments of the University.

Shirley Mathai, Co-Chair

The Co-Chair will assist in leading the planning and execution of the Council’s initiatives and will assume oversight as the Chair in his/her absence. The Co-Chair will be responsible for voting procedures as needed.   This is a one-year term through April 30, 2015.

Vacant, Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for recording and distributing meeting minutes, maintaining the membership roster, event calendar and meeting attendance records on behalf of the Advisory Council. The secretary is expected to attend all Council meetings and will work closely alongside the Chair or Co-Chair to develop meeting agendas.

Council Member Roles

  1. Serve as advocates for Council initiatives and promote special events, educational opportunities and resources to Roosevelt community.
  2. Act as wellbeing role models. 
  3. Attend and participate in all Council meetings (approximately four per year). If unable to attend, notify the Council Secretary and provide an alternate representative. 
  4. Participate on at least one sub-committee and commit to active participation as required by objectives. 
  5. Commit to a two-year term from June 1, 2013 through April 30, 2015. 
  6. Identify potential Council members for future terms and recruit wellbeing champions.

2014-2015 Members

  • Alex Agafonov
  • Jocelyn Ashford-Yarbrough
  • Eugene Choi
  • Elizabeth Choporis
  • Jodi Daily
  • Taylor Esposito
  • Kelly Fitzgerald
  • Clara Gong
  • Abby Kahaleh
  • Shirley Mathai
  • Elizabeth Thomas
  • Bonnie Wedington
  • Patrick Zylka

Please contact Clara Gong at if you would like to serve on the Wellbeing Advisory Council for the 2014-2015 year.