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Preventive Care

What Is Preventive Care?

  • Focuses on disease prevention and health maintenance via annual screenings, health education, immunization tests and other preventive measures.
  • Enables identification of at-risk individuals, provides a means of early diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions, and other necessary interventions to avert a health problem.
  • Certain preventive care services (e.g., mammograms, annual immunizations) are covered at 100 percent by your medical insurance provider. Refer to your benefits summary plan description for additional information.

Make Your Health Your Business

Effective preventive care requires your proactive involvement in managing your health. It's never too late to get healthy.  

Start today.

  • Schedule your annual physical visit with your doctor.
  • During your visit, be sure to discuss your personal medical history as well that of your family.
  • Discuss any specific medical concerns with your doctor.
  • Create a plan of action and set measurable goals for improving your health.

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