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College of A & S Chicago Course Highlights

Just a few of the many College of Arts and Sciences summer courses in Chicago!

ART 270-01 Art and the Urban Environment

ASTR 100-01 Introduction to Astronomy

BIOL 111-10 Human Biology

BIOL 121-10 Anatomy

BIOL 122-10 Physiology

CHEM 211-10 Organic Chemistry

CHEM 212-10 Organic Chemistry

ENG 215-10 Introduction to Latin American Literature

ENG 250-01 Introduction to Fiction Writing

ENG 335-01 Creative Writing for Teachers

ENG 346-10 Love in Literature and Popular Culture

HIST 223-01 History of American Business

HIST 375-10 Food in History

LIBS 201-01 Writing Social Justice

MATH 095 and MATH 096 for the special discounted tuition price of $700 per course!

POS 101-01 United States Politics

PSYC 316-10 Learning

SOC 101-01 Introduction to Sociology

WGS 212-01 Feminism in Action


For a complete list of Chicago College of Arts and Sciences courses, visit the course finder.