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Sophomore Programs

Your sophomore year at Roosevelt is an exciting time.  You know your way around campus, you've met other students, and you understand the expectations of faculty.  It can also be challenging.  You might be uncertain about your major, career options and how you can best use your time outside of class.  You might also find yourself reflecting on your personal values and goals.  Roosevelt offers programs, offices and resources to help make your sophomore year a success:  

Student Involvement & Leadership Development

Getting involved in a student organization and participating in campus activities will make your college experience memorable. You will also gain important leadership skills.  Learn more about these programs and more by visiting the Center for Student Involvement in Chicago.  

Study Abroad

Study abroad is a once in a lifetime chance to travel, study and live in a foreign country. While pursuing a degree at Roosevelt University, you will have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, summer or academic year. You can earn Roosevelt credit for your pre-approved study abroad program, and your study abroad experience will be noted on your transcript! Learn more about study abroad through the Office of International Programs.


Internships provide career related work experiences in a field related to your major while going to school. The purpose of this experience is to provide direction and enrichment to your education, and to enhance your value as an employee upon graduation.   The staff in the Office of Career Development can assist you with searching and applying for an internship experience.  Some internships are eligible for academic credit.

Community Service

Sophomores are encouraged to explore their community through volunteer and service opportunities.  You'll not only help others but you'll also gain practical experience that's important to your success in a career or graduate school.  Community service activities are coordinated by the Center for Student Involvement in Chicago.  You may also want to consider taking a service-learning course which combines an academic class with service and reflection experiences.