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Registration Contest Winners

It pays to register for Fall 2013 during March!

These Roosevelt students won big because they registered for fall 2013 classes during March.  Register by March 31 at 11:59 p.m. and you could join them!

Daily Prize Winners


Chicago Campus

Schaumburg Campus/Online

March 1
Nicolette Marino
Teresa Cotton
March 2
Gustavo Lopez
Candra Reid
March 3 Daniel Casarrubias
Mazl Pritscher
March 4 Rachel Hanauer
Raymond Gnaster
March 5 Lindsey Hovan Rebecca Hook
March 6 Kerri Alexander
Sylwia Termena
March 7 Abby Slesar
Erica Tsypin
March 8 Samantha Crane Saira Shariff
March 9 Bria Harris
Faye Rocero
March 10 Briana DeMaster Samantha Skubak
March 11 Nicholas Belli Jared Waters
March 12 Marie Pierre Kimberly Gisch
March 13 Tianna Weems Timothy Brzny
March 14 Gianna Chacon Morgan Bowersox
March 15 Ryan Seals Stephanie Smrz
March 16 Joshua Salto Kyle Victor
March 17 Dalton Rothe Barbara Wlodarczyk
March 18 Angelo Capotosto Ronald French
March 19 Sarah Rothman Debra Knight
March 20 Elisa Williams Eric Garrett
March 21 Miranda Farmer Henry Baron
March 22 Hilary Miller Alise Zarina
March 23 Carolyn King Seneca Kimball
March 24 Renee Saltzman Matthew Kochanny
March 25 Angela Pantorno Amy Welz
March 26 Cynthia Diaz Elizabeth Brewer
March 27 Alexa Pateras Dany Shamoun

Weekly Prize Winners


Chicago Campus

Schaumburg Campus/Online

Through March 8

Through March 15    
Through March 22    
Through March 31