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Early Alert

What is Early Alert?

Roosevelt's Early Alert program is a partnership between faculty and student support resources on campus to quickly connect students to the staff and services to help them succeed at Roosevelt. Faculty may submit recommendations for students in need of academic, personal, or financial assistance early enough in a semester to help the student be successful at Roosevelt.

Information for Students

If you receive an email from the Early Alert system, this means your instructor is concerned about your progress in a course and wants to connect you with resources on campus that can assist you. You should contact the recommended offices and resources as quickly as possible and are also encouraged to discuss questions about the alert with your instructor and your academic advisor. Each of the offices listed in the alert will also receive notifications of your referral and will be be expecting your call or visit to help you get the assistance you need. Your instructor, advisor and staff from these offices may also reach out to you to check on your progress.

Information for Faculty

The first step for Early Alert is to discuss the concern with the student directly. If you do not observe improvement or you believe the student could benefit from additional follow up, please submit an Early Alert to connect the student with campus resources. Instructions for submitting alerts follow below.

Early Alert is not intended for conduct, disciplinary, or behavioral concerns:

  • If you have an immediate concern about the safety of a student or you believe a student is a threat to him/herself or others, call 911 immediately and contact Campus Safety.
  • For non-emergency concerns about student behavior, please submit a referral form to the Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT).

Early is separate from the federally-mandated reports of non-attending students.

About the New System

The newly installed Faculty Feedback function in RU Access will be used by Roosevelt starting in Spring 2016 to replace the existing web-based Early Alert system. This new system sends several emails in response to faculty concerns.

  1. The student receives an email with instructions on how to contact recommended resources, such as a tutoring center or student services office.
  2. The student’s assigned advisor (if one is assigned in Banner) receives a summary of the alert.
  3. Any referral office included in the alert (Writing Center, Student Accounts, Academic Success Center, etc.,) is notified to expect the student and receives a summary of the alert.
  4. The instructor receives a confirmation email.

The goal is to prompt the student to seek out the recommended resources, but allows for advisors and referral offices to do outreach as well. Instructors should also follow-up with the student and referral offices as needed.

How to Submit an Alert

The new system is open only to instructors to submit alerts for students registered in their classes. 

  1. Log in to RU Access and navigate to the Advisor and Faculty menu.
  2. Find the link to Early Alert (Faculty Feedback) in the menu list.
  3. Choose the class section and student, select the issues/concerns, recommendations, and include comments to help give referral offices important details.
  4. Alerts may be submitted at any time during the term and instructors may submit multiple alerts for the same student at different times during the term as well