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Where is the Academic Success Center located?

Chicago Campus: Auditorium Room 128
Schaumburg Campus: Room 125

How can I get involved with the Academic Success Center?

The Academic Success Center is always happy when faculty wants to get involved.  Please contact us to hear about all the options available.

Do my students have to pay anything to use tutoring at the ASC?

Academic Success Center tutoring is free to all students currently enrolled at Roosevelt University.

Who are the tutors?

The tutors in the Academic Success Center include currently enrolled students and professional educators in various fields.  They are given training in methods for one-to-one and small group methods of instruction, and all of the sessions within the center are conducted under the supervision of an experienced tutor coordinator.

What kind of training do the tutors have?

Tutors are given specific training in the conducting of small group and individualized instruction by an experienced tutor coordinator who also has several years of experience as a classroom instructor.

How do the tutors know what to teach?

At the beginning of these appointments, the tutor will take a few minutes to talk with your student about your course and assignments, and will continue to draw on the student’s knowledge during the session.

Can I require a student in my course to schedule a tutoring appointment on his or her work?

Students can certainly be required to seek tutoring by their course instructors.  Faculty referral of students to the tutoring center is very effective, and instructors are strongly encouraged to inquire about the students who they have referred for tutoring as a way to help monitor their progress.

Can I require ALL the students in my course to make a tutoring appointment for their work?

The Academic Success Center would not recommend that all students are required to have tutoring sessions on their work.  If the meetings are required, many students are attending just for the grade rather than the assistance.  The ASC would like to help those students who are motivated to work with the tutors and succeed.

Can I find out which of students in my course have visited the ASC to get assistance?

Although we do not automatically notify an instructor of a student’s visit, you may request such information.  We are willing to share this information unless a student requests otherwise.  Please contact the Academic Success Center at 312-341-3818 in Chicago or 847-619-7978 in Schaumburg.

How can I arrange a tutor to specialize in my course?

The Academic Success Center can provide a supplemental instruction (SI) for your course if it is requested.  SI can either provide a tutor to sit in on the classes and become very familiar with the material so they can have a detailed knowledge of your course to assist students that attend SI sessions, or be facilitated by a former student of the course.  Please contact the ASC at the beginning of the semester to see if arrangements can be made.

Even if a tutor has not been assigned to your course, your students are welcome to arrange tutoring appointments at the ASC.  They will be given appointments with tutors whose background and disciplinary knowledge are as close to the discipline of your course as possible.  At the beginning of these appointments, the tutor will take a few minutes to talk with your student about your course and assignments, and will continue to draw on the student’s knowledge during the session.

Will the ASC proofread my students’ papers and class work?

The tutors at the Academic Success Center do not proofread papers or homework.  The ASC provides tutors who can assist with the entire writing process from the development of content to going through the draft of a paper to point out frequently made errors and help students learn to recognize and correct them.

If my students visit the ASC, how can I be sure that their assignments represent their own work and not the tutors?

Tutors at the Academic Success Center do not do students’ work.  Students are expected to take responsibility for the issues discussed during the session as well as for any revisions to a paper.  Tutors at the Academic Success Center assist the students with their assignments by helping the students utilize their own ideas.