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Lucy Liu

Unleash a world of opportunity.

"I love Chicago and enjoy the studies here - and I don't even feel homesick!"

With a passion for marketing that began in her hometown of Shanghai, China, Xinyu Liu followed her dream halfway across the globe to Roosevelt’s downtown Chicago Campus. You could call her ambitious, but she’d rather you just call her “Lucy.”

Since 2008, the former ballerina has been working on her master's in integrated marketing communications (IMC) at Roosevelt’s College of Arts and Sciences. “This is actually my first time leaving my hometown. I came here to explore my brand new life.”

So what made her want to pursue a career in Marketing? “I think my family is the reason, because both my parents are in business.” Lucy’s father is in marketing, and her mother is an accountant. “In high school, I became quite interested in their discussions about brands and consumer behavior. My father always said, ‘Marketing is not only a business. It's also a social science. It tells you about human beings, concepts that can be applied to your daily life.’ Since then, I have been quite into it.”

Earning her undergraduate degree in marketing only left Lucy wanting more exposure to the field she loved, so she decided to explore the “birthplace” of marketing: the United States. While researching programs, she said her advisors recommended Roosevelt based on her background and area of interest – and she was instantly drawn to it.

“The name attracted me a lot because President Roosevelt was my favorite U.S. president when I learned American history in high school.” Lucy always admired FDR’s progressive leadership and belief in social equality. “He moved the country toward a new future and out of an economic recession.” Upon further investigation of the IMC program, she realized that Roosevelt was the right choice for her future. “I liked the variety of marketing courses at Roosevelt, such as Brand, Multicultural and Internet Marketing, as well as Ethics and Society. I also knew Roosevelt welcomed students from different cultures and backgrounds. Also, the location attracted me: downtown Chicago! So I'm here.”

Though she’s a world away from Shanghai, Lucy has always felt at home on the Roosevelt campus. “In my personal experience, Roosevelt’s faculty and staff members are very friendly and helpful to international students. In class, professors use examples from a global perspective to explain certain principles. It’s very helpful for my further understanding.” She’s also a member of the International Student Union (ISU), a social and cultural club that welcomes all international students and interested U.S. citizens. “It helps international students make new friends, and you can learn many different cultures because of the diverse student population.”

Though Lucy’s all business when it comes to her studies, she manages to find time for adventure, beauty and the arts in her daily life. “I like seeing the lake while I’m studying in the library, and I love the city’s cultural setting. There are so many museums here, and I’ve visited almost all of them!” During her time at Roosevelt, Lucy has participated in a variety of student activities, including boat tours, sightseeing trips and a favorite tied to her past: ballet performances.

Lucy cannot wait to master the field of multicultural marketing, and she hopes to earn her PhD before leaving Chicago. “My ideal career goal is [to work] in the academic area of marketing, though I know it will be especially hard for me because of the high requirements for language and communication. I'm not sure how long I will take to achieve this goal, but I will try my best to pursue it my whole life.”

Last updated 03/28/2013