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Higher One and the Refund Process

Higher One Easy Refund Card

Higher One now processes all student refunds for Roosevelt University for financial aid Title IV refunds, as well as any refunds that you may receive for dropping classes. 

As a Roosevelt University student, you should have received or will soon receive a mailing from Higher One that includes an explanation of the program and a personalized Easy Refund card.

Upon receiving the initial mailing, you need to contact Higher One as to how you want to receive any refund due to you from Roosevelt University.

Using the Easy Refund Card that was included in the mailing, go online to and select your refund choice. If you have not received your card or may have misplaced it, please contact the Student Accounts Office for assistance. 

Choosing your refund preference is the only way to let Higher One and Roosevelt University know how you want to receive your refund money. As soon as you have activated your refund preference, any refund processed will be delivered based on the method you have selected.

Your refund delivery options are

  • Easy Refund to your One Account—funds available the same day
  • Electronic Transfer (ACH)—funds available in two to three business days
  • Paper Check

Here’s how to get started

  • Go to and select "Roosevelt University"
  • Enter your card number in the "Get Started" area and click the "Activate" button
  • Follow the easy activation instructions

After you have gone through the activation process, make sure your contact information was entered correctly so that you can receive important notifications about your refund. To view or update your contact information, go to "Profile" in the main menu, then select "Email" or "Address and Phone" from the drop down menu.

Please keep in mind that managing your Easy Refund account is a financial responsibility. While the Easy Refund program is designed to be a free program for all students, there may be fees associated with its use. View the explanation of fees.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact customer service toll free at 877-327-9515 or call the Roosevelt University Office of Student Accounts at 312 341-3570.