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Emergency Notification and Procedures

Roosevelt has an emergency notification system and will, taking into account the safety of the community, determine the content of the notification and initiate the emergency notification, unless issuing a notification will, in the professional judgement of responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist a victim or contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency. The emergency notification may be by text message, University email and/or the University homepage.

To ensure that you receive an emergency notification text message, please go to your RUAccess account and enter (or verify) your cell phone number.

Roosevelt University has an Emergency Operations Plan and as a part of the plan, emergency procedures to follow.

Fire Procedures

  1. When a fire occurs, activate the fire alarm immediately. Any delay in sounding the fire alarm will delay getting help and could have serious consequences. The building fire alarms are transmitted directly to the Chicago Fire Department through the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications 911 Center or to the Schaumburg Fire Department through their emergency dispatch center. 
  2. Call 911 (or 9-911 if calling from a RU telephone) immediately to notify the fire service. If possible call Campus Safety at 312-341-2020 or x2020 from an internal telephone.
    • Schaumburg Campus, 847-619-8989 or x8989 from an internal telephone. 
    • Gage Building, 312-281-3111 or x3111 from an internal telephone. 
    • University Center, 312-924-8911 
    • Fornelli (ROW) Hall, 312-592-2727 
  3. The first priority is following your buildings evacuation procedures and, if possible, assisting students or other persons in immediate danger.  Exit using the stairs.  DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
    • Auditorium Building – complete building evacuation to outside 
    • Gage Building – complete building evacuation to outside 
    • Schaumburg Campus – complete building evacuation to outside 
    • Residential Facilities – follow specific facility’s evacuation procedures.

Emergency Evacuation Assistance

If you require any assistance to safely exit a Roosevelt University building in the event of an emergency evacuation, a voluntary self-identification form is available for you to complete. In the event of an emergency evacuation, we ask that you go to the nearest area of rescue assistance (Auditorium Building and Gage Building – usually in or by a stairwell) and press the emergency alarm button. This will inform emergency responders of your location.

Active Shooter: Shelter in Place

If an active shooter incident occurs on campus, the following guidelines will reduce personal risk. If you are outside a building when an event occurs, take cover immediately, preferably inside a building. If you are inside a building when an event of this type occurs, you should:

Secure the immediate area:

  • Lock and barricade doors.
  • Do not stand by doors or windows. 
  • Turn off lights. 
  • Close blinds. 
  • Block windows. 
  • Turn off radios. 
  • Keep yourself out of sight and take adequate cover/protection (i.e., concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets – cover may protect you from bullets). 
  • Silence cell telephones.

Un-Securing an area:

  • Consider risks before un-securing rooms. 
  • Remember, the shooter will not stop until he or she is confronted by armed law enforcement authorities. 
  • Attempts to rescue people should occur ONLY if it can be accomplished without further endangering the persons inside a secured area. 
  • Consider the safety of masses vs. the safety of a few. 
  • If doubt exists for the safety of the individuals inside the room, the area should remain secured. 
  • Know all alternate exits in your building.

If the shooter enters your office/classroom:

  • There is no right answer for this scenario – your response must be based on variables related to the situation, shooter and your own intuitions and common sense 
  • Remain as calm as possible 
  • Call 911 and Campus Safety as soon as safely possible 
  • If possible, flee the area 
  • Negotiating may work 
  • "Playing dead" may work 
  • Attempting to overcome the suspect with force is always the last resort, which should only be considered in extreme circumstances and only you can decide if this is something you should do. 

Contacting Authorities


AUDitorium and WABash Buildings: 312-341-2020 (x2020)

SCHaumburg Campus: 847-619-8989 (x8989)

GAGE Building: 312-281-3111 (x3111)

Be aware that the Campus Safety telephones are likely to be overwhelmed. Program the Security numbers into your cell telephone for backup.

Call 911. Remember, most cell telephones provide the ability to make an emergency call, even if they have a lockout feature. Texting or e-mailing a relative or friend may also be an option if, under the circumstances, you are unable to speak.

What to Report

  1. Your specific location: building name and office/room number. 
  2. The number of people at your specific location. 
  3. Injuries: the number injured and the types of injuries. 
  4. The assailant(s):
    • Location 
    • Number of suspects 
    • Race/gender/age 
    • Clothing description 
    • Physical features 
    • Type of weapons (long gun or hand gun) 
    • Backpack 
    • Shooter’s identity (if known) 
    • Separate explosions from gunfire
  5. Response: Campus Safety will make every attempt to secure the area and protect lives, until armed law enforcement officials arrive, who will take control of the situation and:
    • Engage assailant(s) immediately. 
    • Evacuate victims. 
    • Facilitate follow up medical care, interviews, counseling. 
    • Conduct an investigation.


As a result of an emergency situation, Roosevelt University may be placed under lockdown. During a lockdown, all doors and windows are locked and all students, faculty and staff shall remain in their classrooms or offices. No one is permitted to leave and no one, including parents, is allowed in the facility. 

Although such measures may seem extreme, they have proven effective in ensuring everyone’s safety. In fact, in an emergency, RU is one of the safest places a student, faculty or staff member can be. Whenever a threat arises, schools are the focus of heightened attention from police and other emergency responders. 

Should a lockdown occur, students, faculty and staff are asked to remain calm as RU and emergency responders manage the situation. If it appears that the lockdown will last for an extended period of time, assigned faculty and staff will attempt to assist those who need to notify their parents, spouses or significant others by telephone, as no one will be allowed to leave until recommended by the appropriate authorities.


If you hear the outdoor warning sirens, immediately go to an interior hallway, washroom or room without glass windows. Do not go outside. If you are outside, seek shelter inside.