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Behavioral Assessment and Response Team (BART)

• How to report a concern about a person or situtation on campus


The Behavioral Assessment and Response Team (BART) is designed to assess and respond to disruptive or concerning behavioral issues to help support the health, safety and success of the Roosevelt University community.


BART is a campus wide team that provides consultation, makes recommendations for action, and coordinates campus resources in response to reports of disruptive or concerning behavior displayed by students, staff or faculty.

Team Composition

BART is comprised of university representatives from the office of Student Services, Campus Safety, Provost’s Office, Human Resources, and Risk Management.  A representative from the Counseling Center also serves as a consultant to the team.  Other university staff may work with BART on situations as appropriate.


Upon notification of a person at-risk, BART will perform the following:

  • Review incidents when the individual’s behavior may be concerning, disruptive or harmful to themselves or the Roosevelt University community
  • Coordinate the response to the incident
  • Develop strategies to manage threatening and disruptive behavior
  • Make recommendations on appropriate action


BART will review the information provided, may interview the person expressing concern to gather information, and will discuss and evaluate the situation with the entire team.
Outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • No action, pending further observation
  • Interview the person of concern to gather more information
  • Determine a plan of action
  • Referral to existing on-campus or community resources
  • Recommendation of emergency contact or parent notification
  • Recommendation of voluntary leave
  • Recommendation of involuntary leave

Process for Submitting Reports

If there is perceived imminent danger: Contact Campus Safety or 911 immediately.

If you are concerned about an individual but you do not believe that the situation poses imminent danger 

Contact BART:   |  (312)-341-2323  |  or by the referral form.

  • BART will review the voice mail, email and/or online referral form.
  • The individual submitting the information will receive acknowledgement from BART confirming that the report has been received and will be reviewed, if you provide your name and a phone number or email address.
  • Individuals submitting a BART referral form should not expect detailed information about the disposition of their submission because the issue may involve due process or confidentiality rights of the student or employee.
  • Before submitting a BART referral form, individuals may consult with the office of Student Services or other appropriate offices on campus (e.g. Counseling Center, Campus Safety, Department Chair, Human Resources, etc.).  However, submitting a referral form to BART may still be required following the consultation. 
  • Once a BART referral form is submitted, BART will determine what steps need to be followed. These could include: speaking with the individual; gathering additional evidence or information by interviewing members of the RU community; compiling additional documentation; referral to the Code of Student Conduct Process or Employee Professional Code of Conduct; or other steps as deemed necessary. 
  • Individuals should submit additional reports as new concerns arise or as behavior is repeated, even if they have done so before. A single incident may be insufficient to take action but a pattern of incidents may require a response.

 Note: All information and reports will be handled in a confidential manner with information released only on a need-to-know basis.