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Emergency procedures flyer

Quick reference to what to do in case of an emergency

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What is a Lockdown?

1.  As a result of an emergency situation, Roosevelt University may be placed under lockdown. During a lockdown, all doors and windows are locked and all students, faculty and staff shall remain in their classrooms or offices. No one is permitted to leave and no one, including parents, is allowed in the facility.

2. Although such measures may seem extreme, they have proven effective in ensuring everyone’s safety. In fact, in an emergency, a university is one of the safest places a student, faculty or staff member can be. Whenever a threat arises, schools are the focus of heightened attention from police and other emergency responders.

3. Should a lockdown occur, students, faculty and staff are asked to remain calm as University and emergency responders manage the situation. If it appears that the lockdown will last for an extended period of time, assigned faculty and staff will attempt to assist those who need to notify their parents, spouses or significant others by telephone, as no one will be allowed to leave until recommended by the appropriate authorities.