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Campus Safety Telephone numbers: AUD and Wabash: ext 2020

Emergency procedures flyer

Quick reference to what to do in case of an emergency

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Armed Violence

In the event of a campus shooting, bombing, or other armed attack

Active shooter

 If an active shooter incident occurs on campus, the following guidelines will reduce personal risk. If you are outside a building when an event occurs, take cover immediately, preferably inside a building. If you are inside a building when an event of this type occurs, you should:

Secure your immediate area

  • Lock and barricade doors.
  • Do not stand by doors or windows.
  •  Turn off lights.
  • Close blinds.
  •  Block windows.
  • Turn off radios.
  • Keep yourself out of sight and take adequate cover/protection (i.e., concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets – cover may protect you from bullets).
  • Silence cell telephones.

If the shooter enters your office/classroom

There is no right answer for this scenario – your response must be based on variables related to the situation, the shooter and your own intuitions and common sense.

  • Remain as calm as possible
  • Call 911 and Campus Safety as soon as safely possible
  • If possible, flee the area
  • Negotiating may work
  • Attempting to overcome the suspect with force is always the last resort, which should only be considered in extreme circumstances and only you can decide if this is something you should do.

When to un-secure an area

  • Consider risks before un-securing rooms.
  • Remember, the shooter will not stop until he or she is confronted by armed law enforcement authorities.
  • Attempts to rescue people should occur ONLY if it can be accomplished without further endangering the persons inside a secured area.
  • Consider the safety of many vs. the safety of a few.
  • If doubt exists for the safety of the individuals inside the room, the area should remain secured.
  • Know all alternate exits in your building.

Campus Safety  for the Auditorium and Wabash Buildings can be reached at 312-341-2020 or x2020 from an internal telephone; for the Schaumburg Campus, 847-619-8989 or x8989 from an internal telephone; for the Gage Building, 312-281-3111 or x3111 from an internal telephone

Be aware that the Campus Safety telephones are likely to be overwhelmed. Program these Security numbers into your cell telephone for backup.

In addition, call 911.  Remember, most cell telephones provide the ability to make an emergency call, even if they have a lockout feature.

Texting or e-mailing a relative or friend may be the better option if, under the circumstances, you are unable to speak wihtout attracting attention.

What to Report

  • Your specific location: building name and office/room number.
  • The number of people at your specific location.
  • Injuries: the number injured and the types of injuries.

Describe the assailant(s):

  • Location
  • Number of suspects
  • Ethnicity, gender and age
  • Clothing description
  • Physical features
  • Type of weapons (long gun or hand gun)
  • Backpack
  • Shooter’s identity (if known)
  • Distinguish between explosions (grenades or other weapon) from gunfire

Response from Campus Safety

  • Campus Safety will make every attempt to secure the area and protect lives, until armed law enforcement officials arrive, who will take control of the situation and:
  • Engage assailant(s) immediately. 
  • Evacuate victims.
  • Facilitate follow up medical care, interviews, counseling.
  • Conduct an investigation.