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Center for Campus Life
Get Involved!
"Research shows that students actively involved on their college campus increase their potential for learning and student development."
(Astin, 1984)

How you can get involved.

Start making connections, putting your education into action. Meet intriguing students who share your academic interests and passions. Network within your major. Work on community service projects, campus activities and student programs that challenge your intellect. Maximize your personal, social and career development opportunities. Get your name out there. Bond with faculty, staff and mentors across the Roosevelt network. Change your world and make a difference!

The Center for Campus Life

Students who take part in campus activities report that they enjoyed a more fulfilling college experience, with more opportunities after graduation, than those who stuck solely to the pursuit of their degree. The students and staff at the Center for Campus Life on Roosevelt’s Schaumburg Campus make it easy to get involved – and with all the friends, connections and memories you’ll make, you’ll be happy that you did.

The Center for Campus Life provides co-curricular programs and services for the diverse student population at Roosevelt’s Schaumburg Campus, including professional, academic, cultural, community and leadership development opportunities. Coordinated primarily through registered student organizations and the SPEED Programming Board, these programs are student-run and strive to transform the average college student into a passionate and knowledgeable catalyst for social change. Get involved with CCL and become a part of Roosevelt’s progressive, educated and socially-conscious global community! Meet people, make friends and have fun too!

From seminars focused on current issues, to new student orientation, to sports and recreation, to community outreach, it’s simple to stay informed about what’s going on at Roosevelt. You can check our regularly-updated bulletin boards throughout our Schaumburg facilities, subscribe to CCL’s weekly Schaumburg BLAST electronic newsletter, stop by the Center for Campus Life office in Room 126 (off the main Rotunda hallway), visit our online calendar or check CCL online. Your education is your life, so live it big and get busy with CCL.

A government of the students, by the students, and for the students!

Democracy is one of Roosevelt University’s fundamental principles, so we support a progressive system that gives every student a voice. Our notable Student Government Association (SGA) evaluates policy issues that affect the campus as a whole, while making certain that all student opinions, concerns and requests are heard and acknowledged by the University. The Schaumburg SGA appoints student advocates to a wide range of university-wide committees solely dedicated to improving life at Roosevelt. For more information, contact us online.

Schaumburg students, your campus and community await.

Would you like to improve student life on campus? Do you have a little extra time to make a positive impact on your community? Getting involved on campus is easy. Read our full list of registered student organizations available on our Schaumburg Campus.

Every registered student organization is eligible to apply for funding to support their programs and activities. All funding requests are submitted electronically to the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee, and decisions are usually made within 72 hours of submission. The funding forms can be found online:

If you have any questions about funding for a student organization, please email

Are we missing something?

Haven’t found the organization you’re looking for? Consider starting a new student organization of your own! Simply review the Student Organization Handbook, fill out a Student Organization Registration Form, and return it to the CCL office (Room 430). When that’s done, just contact a CCL staff member at to complete the process.