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Residence Hall Room Rates


Room rates vary depending on the building and room type that a student is assigned. Students will  be able to request a specific building or specific room rate when applying for housing. We do not guarantee that preferences will be met but will do our best to accommodate students.

Students will be assigned to rooms based on when their housing application/contract and $500 deposit was received for new students. Continuing students will apply for housing and participate in the Room Selection Process. 

The summer contract is typically May to August, academic year is the beginning of the fall semester through the end of the spring semester, and we have a spring only contract for students entering the housing system to live on campus beginning spring semester. We do not have a fall only contract. The contract dates may change based on the university calendar.

The Housing Application for Summer 14 is currently live on RU Access. The deadline for summer housing is February 28th. The Housing Application for 2014-15 will be live on February 3rd. The rates, which are listed per person, are as follows:

Wabash Building

All rooms require a standard meal plan, which you will find in the table below. Students have the option to upgrade to a deluxe meal plan during the first week of school.

The Roosevelt University dining plan is designed to provide students with maximum purchasing power and flexibility in when and how they use their dining dollars.  The benefit to the Roosevelt declining balance meal plan is that students can utilize every dollar of the plan, versus some universities that offer a weekly plan where they have a set amount of meals each week which restricts the students use of the plan.  The Roosevelt meal plan's declining balance rolls over from fall to spring, and at the end of the academic year the plan ends and in accordance with the housing contract the dining dollars are non-refundable.  We encourage students throughout the year to budget and utilize every dollar of their meal plan.

Room Type Summer 2014 Academic
Spring Only
 Meal Plan 
(for Year)
Total (Room and
Meal Plan) 
4 Person Suite - 2 Double Shared Bedroom  Not Available $8,980
$3,552  $12,532
4 Person Suite - Private Bedroom  Not Available $11,970 $5,985 $3,552  $15,522
5 Person Suite - Triple Shared Bedroom Not Available $7,880 $3,940 $3,552  $11,432
5 Person Suite - Economy Private Bedroom Not Available  $11,570 $5,785 $3,552  $15,122

University Center (UC)

All suite style rooms require a basic meal plan, which is included in the table below. Students have the option to upgrade to a standard or deluxe meal plan during the first week of school. Students in apartments have the option to add an Apartment Meal Plan to their account which is $1,696 for 150 meals and $346 flex dollars.

Room Type Summer 2014 Summer 2014 Meal Plan  Academic
Spring Only
Meal Plan
(for academic Year) 
Total (Room and
Meal Plan, if required)
4 Person - 2 Double Shared Bedroom Suite $1,694 $1,068  $8,646 $4,323 $2,802  $11,448
2 Person - Shared Bedroom Suite $2,105 $1,068  $9,816 $4,908 $2,802  $12,618
4 Person - Shared 2 Bedroom Apartment $2,835 Not required  $10,248 $5,124 Not required  $10,248
4 Person - Private Bedroom Apartment $2,979 Not required  $12,528 $6,264 Not required  $12,528